A journey to eternity; 0ur walk with God! Never give up! You will make it


To the glory of God, my book “it’s a journey; our walk with God” is available for purchase even in hard copy though the hard copy is not available online till August. The book itself is an expression of God’s goodness to me just as it tries to capture the reality of how God elects to express His goodness in our lives. God truly works in mysterious ways to perform His wonders. His goodness is not often the way we perceive goodness to be but after a while we realize that it is indeed goodness.
Ecclesiastes: 3: 1 “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”  
Some of the reasons that instigated my writing this book is seeing believers fall away from the faith because of disappointed expectations and the fact that they think the challenges they face are peculiar to them. It really does get lonely when you believe your difficulties are peculiar to you; it makes life as a believer tougher than life already is. The truth though is people go through challenges in life but maybe at different times so that when one is rejoicing, another may be singing a dirge. If while you are mourning, another is rejoicing, please accommodate their rejoicing for your turn shall come again. Life happens to all and it is like a wheel that keeps spinning.
Ecclesiastes 9: 2a KJV “All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous, and to the wicked; to the good and to the clean, and to the unclean”  
The style of the book is simple just like the scriptures upon which it is based. The bible is so simple that intellectuals and “very wise” ones consider it stupid. So simple, some “erudite believers” feel God needs a little help to make the gospel a bit more intellectual so that they can preach it without looking stupid. Unfortunately, such people have ended up complicating the gospel making it more difficult to understand. The truth is most of such people have little understanding of God otherwise they would know that God is not complicated; you either know Him or you don’t. 
Galatians 6: 7 “Don’t be misled-you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.”
Sadly, having complicated our simple faith, we have made it a burden to many and are struggling to “un-complicate” it. Unfortunately, we are doing it in the flesh so that unwittingly, we are propagating the gospel of the flesh which in reality is another gospel. We are selling the idea of Christian discos, bars and such like, just to make Christianity appear less tedious. If you want to go to disco, it is your decision but please do not lie to yourself by pretending to have created a special one for believers. The fact that you label a thing Christian does not automatically bring God into a situation. Moreover, it takes revelation of God to fix this problem.
As we go through this journey of life, God reveals Himself to us in deeper dimensions often using experiences. This book prepares one for this journey by providing information that prepares your mind for what to expect. Even if you already face the challenges, the book becomes your companion, talking to you and reminding you that God is with you so that if you just hold on, you will come through. It is written in simple language and very fluid style so that it does not task you but reveals God inside you.


  1. I totally agree. Our God is so simple. The closer to God you are, the more simple you become. God desires to have a relationship with everyone from different levels in life so He has made the gospel accessible to everyone. God is not a poser, He is just Himself, man can't understand that aspect of God. In a bid to pose and appear erudite, we complicate the gospel and complicate our lives.


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