The bible opens with this description of earth – formless, empty and dark. It then tells us that God said “let there be light” and there was light. Only thereafter, was God able to go on and do all He needed to do, altering earth so significantly that today, we love living in it.

Today, there are several seemingly unresolved issues or dark areas of our day to day lives that make us struggle with remaining the sheep we are called to be in the midst of wolves. Unless and until, the Light of God (His Truth) is brought to bear on these current dark areas, we may not live successfully or survive as sheep in the midst of wolves.

This blog will attempt to unravel some of the seemingly unresolved issues we encounter as we journey through life, by bringing God’s Truth to bear; thereby, dispersing the darkness of half-truths, ignorance and/or lies. It’s a place where as God’s oracles, we can together declare “Let there be light”.