I heard something I found very interesting yesterday. The preacher in my church during the Sunday Morning Service said his mum had told him that she often wondered why the 24 elders in the book of Revelation which is the last chapter in the bible, would take off their crowns to bow before God in worship then put them back on and take them off again to bow before God in worship repeatedly. She finally suggested that it must be because every time they looked at God, they saw something new about Him that ‘blew their minds’ which had not been revealed to them previously so that they could not help but bow in worship. I really do think she is right.
I have experienced God in another dimension; one I didn’t imagined and I am amazed again. I feel like as if I never knew Him before now and just want to worship Him like never before. Indeed you have to “see Him” to worship Him. Of course when I say “see Him”, I don’t mean “see Him” physically but having a fresh experience that brings a fresh understanding from deep within your spirit man which cannot be ignored. Worship is truly not birth in the place of singing but in the place of revelation of the awesome and mighty God. The songs are just an outflow of an inward experience. Indeed, one cannot truly worship God and remain the same. Also, the best worshippers may not always be the worship leader in the church choir.
If we must worship God, we must hold Him in high esteem. Holding Him in high esteem is definitely something that affects the way we relate with & talk about Him; something that affects our entire life. I have found out that worship is something tough to manage when you have not had an encounter with God or when you are operating in an old experience you once had with God which is very dim in your memory. We need fresh revelation of Him always if we must give Him always, the honor that is due to Him. No wonder; there must indeed be a lot of insincere, fake and pretentious worship going on otherwise God would not have needed to let us know specifically the worship acceptable to Him; which He says is sincere worship done in Spirit and truth. Jesus is the truth. 
I invited you to the Woman Cry Out prayer conference a few weeks ago and I thought to let you know that God surpassed our expectations. There are some things one can hardly explain about God and one of such things is His ability not only to indwell ordinary people, mere clay, the works of His hand, but also to use them in a way that only He can. You don’t need any other qualification for God to use you other than a willingness to submit to Him. He is able to equip you with all that you need. This is something that thrills me again right now. It just shows me how awesome God is; how can anyone not love Him enough to do His will?
God is right now equipping women, because He is raising them for a mighty work in this end time. To a large extent, the faith of nations rests in the hands of women. It takes a man married to a virtuous woman to be seated at the “gates.” That is a serious responsibility which we must take seriously for the end is at end and the kingdom of God is being established. The devil is one who understands our role and is working hard to lure us away from it. I thank God for the outpouring of revelation knowledge in the lives of women right now and that was what we experienced as we gather to Him. I pray that you will make the next woman Cry out meeting in March 2013.


  1. If you did not attend the Woman Cry Out conference on Saturday…well…I don't know what to say. God is merciful I know and I'm sure the ones to come will be better. But as for now I have to say you missed. The joy I have felt since then makes everything around me pale. I just feel like saying out loud 'to hell with you Satan, you are a time-waster, this is the real deal; you have failed in my life; God will be expressed in my life like I never imagined; I'm ready.'

  2. You are so right when you say that we need to have a fresh encounter with God so that we can know how to worship Him. I used to live off past revelations and experiences until I decided that I wanted to experience God everyday. I wanted my desire for Him to continue to burn, I did't want it to ever burn out and God has been faithful. My life has never been the same.


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